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From dazzling dresses, our favorite mantras, and some of your own submissions, we hope to not only dress you for your prom, homecoming, or special occasion but to also inspire you to live every day like it's prom.

What does wearing YOUR invisible crown mean to you?

We want to know!

Tumbl away! xo,


Tiara Confessional: What does “Always Wear Your Invisible Crown” mean to you?

Hayley sat down with some of our favorite bloggers and editors at our Candy & Crafting Soiree, to ask them the burning question “What does always wearing your invisible crown mean to you?”

Find out what they had to say- from Lacee Swan (our fashion illustrator extraordinaire), Madeline from xoJane, McArthur from FashionIndie, Melanie from Closet Freaks, Corey from Kenton Magazine, and Nubia of Nubias Nonsense!

What would your answer be?

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